Dan Holtmeyer Photography

A new and old home

Goodbye, Minnesota, and thanks for all of the snow. 

After a couple years up north, we returned this week to northwest Arkansas, where I’ve got some things cooking: a couple of work and freelance leads along with plans to go back to school and finally, after years of talk, getting a photography business really up and running. This is a scary, uncertain time, with a relentless pandemic and flashbacks to the Great Recession that happened right around when I started college. I don’t know what’s going to happen, how bad things will get or how my plans and ideas will work out. So we’re back home, close to family and friends who can help if it gets rough. 

I went to the Twin Cities hoping for some kind of break that didn’t really come. Maybe I couldn’t give it enough time to hatch. But I think my time up there came with a lot of good. I started taking photos on the job again, something I hadn’t been able to do much in the previous six years. I really had fun with that and think I got some good stuff. I built up editing experience, on top of writing and photographing and videoing, to become a journalistic quadruple threat. I met some good people and saw some new places. I walked on lakes covered with 2 feet of ice for the first and second and third time. I got a taste of some big-city life. It’s been fun. 

So thanks, Minnesota, and not just for the snow (I’ll miss getting a foot of it at a time). I hope to visit again, and I plan to use what you taught me. Let’s find out what comes next. 

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