Hi there, 

My name's Dan Holtmeyer, and I'm a journalist, photographer and University of Nebraska-Lincoln graduate now working at the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Here you'll find my attempts at photography as an art and as a way to tell stories -- in this case, stories about us humans and the rest of the world around us. 

Journalism, besides being my excuse to keep learning about every subject I can think of, is the introduction of humanity to itself. This site is first a little showcase of what I've done with a camera, but I hope it also introduces you to at least a small piece of humanity you haven't met before. There's always more to see out there. 

Contact me, if you'd like, at djholtmeyer@gmail.com, or on social media using the icons below. I also run a semi-regular photo blog mostly featuring street, travel and nature shots at dholtmeyer.com. 
As better photographers than me always say: Thanks for looking!


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